The California Air Resources Board is moving swiftly to develop policies aimed at cutting Californians’ use of gasoline and diesel fuel in half, spurred on by goals set by Governor Brown and which will be mandated by law should SB 350 (De Leon) be passed into law in September.

Under cover of Governor Brown’s stated goal of a 50% petroleum reduction in his January State of the State address, CARB has already held a workshop on how to get there.  Policies being considered include:

  • At least doubling the use of alternative fuels like biofuels, electricity, hydrogen and renewable natural gas
  • Providing strong market support [i.e. taxpayer-funded subsidies] for zero emission vehicles and renewable fuel production through carbon pricing and other incentives
  • Building high-speed rail and support community planning to reduce vehicle miles traveled
  • Taxing motorists on the number of miles they drive, with possible penalties for what CARB deems “excessive” mileage
  • Strengthening the Low Carbon Fuel Standard, which fuel providers have already warned is not technologically or economically feasible

And all of this is on top of existing CARB rules under AB 32, which have been attributed by many to driving California energy costs much higher than those in other states.

Here’s what you can do today:

CARB is accepting comments on their petroleum reduction schemes.  To make your voice heard, just click here and follow the simple prompts to send a letter today!

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